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That little incident resulting from an open water dive for 45 min to 45 feet with an 8 min ascent AND safety stop at 10 ft. after two days surface interval, has changed his life. Because so many have asked, this is the story of John's accident and of his exceptional and rather 'unique' recovery by self HBOT treatment. We hope you benefit.

How many times have you ever thought about being bent?  How many dives have you accumulated?  Are you careless about DCS because you have never been bent?  This is the story of a world-class Cave Diver Specialty Instructor/PADI MSDT who suffered a severe DCS ll "hit" that left him quadriplegic after a short, cool-off dive at his island home on Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean.

Careless?  Hardly !  This instructor had accumulated more than 3,000 dives during his diving career which began at age 13 and ran uninterrupted till age 67 at which time this story unfolded.  He had never even had the slightest indication of any DCS l or DCS ll during his entire diving career.  He was known as "Mr. Conservative," who was alleged to be ready for anything anytime even in shallow open water.  Read on. 

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